Accuplacer Voucher Request

For NHCC students to complete placement testing at another site that has Accuplacer access.

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Voucher Request

A remote test voucher can be created by searching for nearby pre-approved institutions based on your zip code. If you know of a specific location where you would prefer to test, please select it from the list below or type in the location in the "Other" field. We will contact you if the location you have selected/listed is not able to use the remote voucher system, and will provide other options for testing.

*NOTE:  if testing at a Minnesota State College or University the testing fee will be waived. If testing out of state or at a non-MN State institution you will pay the school a proctoring fee. The fee is listed on the voucher you will receive by email. You are responsible for setting an appointment to use the voucher, contact information for the proctor will be listed at the bottom of the voucher. Bring your voucher code and photo identification to your appointment.

Remote Testing Locations

You can select more than one.

If your preferred location is not listed, and you are unsure of a location at which to test, please enter the City, State, and Zip-Code of the area you would prefer.

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