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Read through each item below. By clicking/tapping the toggle, you agree to the statement.

I am enrolled in a college-level class that will require rigorous academic work. This class demands responsibility and maturity equal to that of a college-level student.

I will be graded on a college-level grading standard. Signing off on this page indicates the decision to receive an NHCC grade for a concurrent enrollment class.

It is my responsibility to apply to the college and register for the class in order to receive college credits for this class. I need to check in on eServices to confirm that I am enrolled in the class.

I am responsible for dropping my class in the event I cannot finish. If I fail to do so, I will receive a failing grade.

I will talk to my teacher, high school counselor, or my NHCC contact if I have any questions about dropping or withdrawing from this class.

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Parent/Guardian Approval

As the student's legal parent/guardian, I authorize the enrollment of the above student in the postsecondary course through the high school's concurrent enrollment program. I understand that submission of this form indicates a decision to have an NHCC grade issued for the course.

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