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Your completed Graduation Application must be submitted by the deadline of the term in which you expect to complete the required coursework. Submissions received after the deadline will be considered for the following term.

Deadline Dates

Fall Term: December 1
Spring Term: April 1
Summer Term: July 1

Graduation Information
Are you enrolled in the Honors Program?
Continuing Education

Since graduation have you obtained or are you pursuing (accepted or enrolled at an institution) another degree, diploma, or certificate?

Institution, City, State

Please provide the name of the institution you attend/ed and its location.

Degree Pursued
eg. dentistry, law, medicine

What was the date you started or were accepted to this program?

Are You Working?

Have you started, accepted, or continued a paying job following graduation? (Include self-employment, Peace Corps, military service, or religious mission.)

Education or Employment?

If you are BOTH continuing your education AND are working, would you consider yourself primarily a student, or primarily working?

Which of the following best describes your status?

Please tell us why you're not actively seeking employment. Some reasons can be found below.

Reasons for selecting, 'Not Actively Seeking Employment' may include the following: Occupational License or Certification Pending, Medical Condition Preventing Work, Completed Program for Personal Satisfaction, Cannot Relocate for the Related Employment, Family/Home Responsibilities, Continuing Education, Incarcerated, International Student Returned to Homeland.

Full or Part Time
Relativity to Study

How relative is this job to the program from which you graduated?

Note: your job is related at least to some degree if it meets any of the following criteria: 

  • You were required to complete your program or major in order to qualify for this job.
  • You are using knowledge and skills on your job acquired through your program.
  • Your job is an entry-level position required in order to obtain a job for which you were trained.


The information you are submitting will be used to provide summary information about your program of study to students and prospective students. Under Minnesota law, the requested information is public information. Although some of the collected information may be suppressed to prevent disclosure of personally identifiable information. You are not legally required to provide the information we requested.