Nursing Admission Acceptance

North Hennepin Community College
Bioscience & Health Careers Center


Please complete the form below by May 3, 2021: 


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Student Information
I plan to attend the Nursing program at NHCC starting August, 2021 (Fall semester)
I decline my offer of admission for the NHCC MANE Nursing Program
Reason for Decline
Orientation/Metro State

Please read each statement below and click/tap "Yes".


I will attend orientation at NHCC on Monday, May17, 2021. I acknowledge that attending orientation is mandatory for admission to the program and failure to attend will revoke my seat in the program. 

Semester 2 Courses

I understand that I must have the courses in Semester 2 of the MANE curriculum plan completed prior to starting Nursing program courses in Fall 2021.

Dual Admission Metro State

I have completed the Dual Admission record to finalize enrollment at Metropolitan State University:

You will receive a second admission letter and student ID number from Metro State. Register for and complete the online New Student Orientation at Metropolitan State University at

Program Requirements

Program Requirements as follow must be met by July 1, 2021:

MN DHS Background

I will complete the Minnesota Department of Human Services background study and fingerprinting requirements including the National Criminal Background study.

A clear background study, (MN DHS and National Criminal), is required to finalize program acceptance.


I understand and I will provide proof of required immunizations. Specific information will be covered at orientation.

Flu Shot

I understand I am required to receive a flu shot each year of the program. This is to protect students and patients from the current season’s influenza strains.

TB Test

I understand and I will provide evidence of no active Tuberculosis by a negative two-step Mantoux test, chest x-ray, or an interferon-gamma release assay (IGRA) blood test upon admission to the program, and annual one-step Mantoux or IGRA annually while in the nursing program. Specific information will be covered at the program orientation.

CPR Certification

I understand and I will provide a copy of a CPR card/certificate through the American Heart Association. Certification will be discussed further at orientation.


I have read and understand the importance of the items listed above and understand that this contract must be returned by May 3, 2021.

I agree to comply with the above requirements and understand my acceptance to MANE North Hennepin Community College is not final until all requirements have been met. I understand that failure to submit these items by the designated date will result in the loss of my admission to the nursing program.

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