Minnesota Alliance For Nursing Education (MANE) Program Application

The Minnesota Alliance for Nursing Education (MANE) is comprised of member community colleges and Metropolitan State University who collaboratively offer a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree, with dual admittance to North Hennepin Community College and Metropolitan State University for degree completion. This opportunity provides nursing students with flexibility in their educational and career planning.

Completion of this single application provides the information necessary to be considered for full dual admission to North Hennepin Community College and Metropolitan State University's nursing program. The nursing application deadline is February 1st of each year for a Fall Semester start and June 1st of each year for a Spring semester start. Advanced Standing (for current LPN's) will only be offered during Fall semesters. All requirements for application must be completed prior to and/or submitted by the application deadline.

Application Checklist

Admission process to NHCC must be complete including payment of $20.00 application fee. You should have a StarID that is associated with NHCC.

  1. Complete and submit the application form below by the deadline: February 1st for Fall start, June 1st for Spring start.
  2. ATI TEAS test completed. If you took the test at a Non-MANE institution, you will need to pay a fee to have your results sent to NHCC. If you took the test at a MANE participating college your scores will be sent to NHCC at no charge.
    • MANE Participating Colleges: Anoka Ramsey CC, Century College, Inver Hills CC, Metropolitan State University, Normandale CC, Riverland CC, Ridgewater College
  3. If you are an LPN, proof of current, unencumbered licensure from any state in the U.S. is required.
  4. ALL official transcripts must be submitted to NHCC. Official transcripts must be received by NHCC Records and Registration office in a sealed envelope or via electronic PDF directly from the school you requested them from. You must provide transcripts for ALL post-secondary institutions where you have been enrolled, even if the courses may not transfer or apply to the program. This includes military, CLEP, advanced placement-AP, IB courses, beauty school, Etc.
    • Official transcripts from MN State schools may be pulled from our Records and Registration Office. Contact them with any questions.
    • International transcripts must be evaluated by World Education Services, Education Credential Evaluators, or another international credential evaluator.
    • If you submitted an official transcript/s from a non-MN State school/s to NHCC in the past, you may not have to resubmit them unless additional coursework was taken after they were submitted.
    • Contact Records and Registration to find out what transcripts they have on file and which may need to be submitted: 763-424-0719 or transfer@nhcc.edu

Other highly recommended, not required items to consider while applying

  1. Attend a Nursing Information Session
  2. Check Transferology to see if and how courses may transfer to NHCC, particularly the General/Principles of Biology course coming in as BIOL 1001.
  3. View the NHCC nursing website, especially the Nursing Application Process Details page.
Selection/Acceptance Criteria

Selection Criteria for Acceptance/Admission to MANE

  1. ATI TEAS composite score divided by a factor of 10 (example: Composite score 85% = 8.5)
  2. First semester GPA of MANE program plan (example: GPA= 3.50)
  3. The combined total TEAS and GPA score will be utilized to rank applicants for the order of acceptance. (example Admission score: 8.5 + 3.50 = 12.00 ranking score)
  4. In the event of a tied combined total TEAS/GPA score, the applicant with the highest TEAS science sub-score will advance in rank order for acceptance. If a further tie exists, the applicant with the highest TEAS math sub-score will advance in rank order for acceptance.
  5. All applicants, regardless of LPN status, will be placed into a common applicant pool based on a numeric score as identified in criteria 1 - 3 above.
  6. Full acceptance to the MANE collaborating college and university is dependent on successful completion of the Semester 2 courses of the MANE Curriculum Plan (with a grade of C or better), maintaining a minimum nursing cumulative GPA of 2.75.
Timelines for Notification of Admission Applications and all required supporting documentation must be submitted prior to any application deadline.
  1. Notification to applicants are sent via mail:
    1. Fall semester start: March 15- letters mailed for applicant notification of accept or deny status.  April 1- deadline for applicant to respond to NHCC to accept or deny admission to the program
    2. Spring semester start: July 15- letters mailed for applicant notification of accept or deny status.  August 1- deadline for applicant to respond to NHCC to accept or deny admission to the program



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Demographic Information
Previous Names Used

Click/tap the plus symbol "+" on the right to add additional names.

Applicant must fully complete the General Admission process at NHCC before applying to the nursing program, including paying the $20.00 application fee.

Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN's)
Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN's)

Applicants who are licensed as a Practical Nurse (LPN), must supply proof of a current, unencumbered licensure from any state in the United States. Advanced Standing (for LPN's) will only be offered during the Fall Semester.

Are you an LPN?

If you hold an LPN license you must fill in this information or upload a copy of your license showing the date and place where you received the license. (Document upload button is at the bottom of the form.)

License Number Date Lic. Received Lic. Expiration Date PN School Attended

Required Courses

NOTE: For your application to be processed, the courses below MUST BE COMPLETED (at NHCC or as a transfer equivalency) with a minimum 2.75 GPA prior to the application deadline.

Course Course Name/No. Credits Institution Semester/Yr Grade


All applicants are required to have completed the most recent version of the Assessment Technologies Institute's, (ATI), standardized Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) prior to the application deadline. The TEAS scores taken at a MANE participating institution, (see list of MANE participating colleges under Application Checklist above, or hover/tap the question mark next to "Results" below), will automatically be sent to NHCC, but if you took the test outside of a MANE institution, you will need to pay to have an official copy sent.

If you have taken the TEAS more than once, list your best total score here:

Test Date Testing Location Test Score
Please enter your score showing the decimal: eg. 86.3%
TEAS Score Report Permission

Do you give your permission for NHCC to contact the Assessment Technologies Institute, LLC (ATI) regarding your TEAS score report (Individual Performance Profile) should there be any questions or issues?

I understand that this consent form is only valid for the current admission cycle and should NHCC need these same scores for the next application cycle, I will need to complete a new application form.


  1. Applicants must have ALL official transcripts in a sealed envelope or via electronic PDF sent to NHCC directly from the colleges previously attended. This applies even if the courses may not transfer or apply to the program. This includes military, CLEP, advanced placement, IB, beauty school, Etc. 
  2. Official transcripts must be sent to NHCC with all grades posted and your current registration. International college credits must be evaluated course-by-course through Wold Education Services, (http://www.wes.org), Educational Credential Evaluators (http://www.ece.org), or another international evaluator.
  3. If you have attended a MN State college or university, evaluating your transcripts is an automatic step in the application process so you may not have to get those transcripts sent to NHCC.
  4. You must have official copies of all non-MN State institutions' transcripts, (including all campuses of U of M, private colleges/universities, out of state, out of courntry, Etc.), sent to NHCC.
  5. Feel free to contact the Records and Registration office to see what may already be on file: 763-424-0719 or transfer@nhcc.edu

List the names of all colleges and/or universities you have attended, including but not limited to beauty schools, business colleges, international universities, community/technical colleges (private/public), universities (public/private), etc. Be sure an official transcript is submitted for each institution listed below.

Click the "+" symbol to add additional schools.

Previous Colleges/Universities Attended

Truth & Accuracy

Misrepresentation of application information is grounds for canceling this application. Do you certify that the information you have provided on this form and all other materials is complete, accurate, and true to the best of your knowledge? 

By checking this box I state that I have completed the entire application process to North Hennepin Community College and have paid the $20.00 processing fee. I understand that if I have NOT completed the NHCC application process my application to the nursing program will be rejected.