Excellence In Education Award Nomination

Provost's Office
North Hennepin Community College

NHCC Excellence in Education Award Nomination Guidelines

NHCC Excellence in Education Award for Faculty

Program Guidelines 2019-2020


The NHCC Excellence in Education Award Program is intended to encourage, recognize, and reward the work, accomplishments, and important contributions of our faculty for excellence in teaching for student success. This program seeks to establish a partnership between faculty, administration, and students in encouraging, identifying, and recognizing the distinctive and extraordinary achievements of our faculty.

An additional purpose of this award program nomination process is to seek nominations for the Minnesota State Board of Trustees’ Award for Excellence in Teaching for which is intended to recognize superior teaching at Minnesota State colleges and universities.


Unlimited, part-time and adjunct faculty will be considered for NHCC’s Excellence in Education Award.

Only full-time, unlimited faculty with three years of full-time teaching service can be considered for the Minnesota State Board of Trustees’ Award for Excellence in Teaching.


Submitting a Nomination

  • Guidelines and nomination forms are available electronically. Extra copies are also available by calling Teresa Puchtel at 763-424-0862. This form must be used for all nominations.
  • Nomination of eligible faculty may be made by any faculty, staff, students, alumni, community members, campus board members, foundation members, and others with a vested interest in the excellence of teaching on campus.
  • The written nomination must provide specific examples of the distinctive and/or extraordinary achievement for which the nomination is being made.
  • Nominations may be submitted throughout the academic year, but must be received by Teresa Puchtel, Assistant to Provost, no later than October 21, 2019.

Review of Nominations

  • Nominations received by the deadline that meet eligibility requirements will be forwarded to the Review Committee.
  • The Review Committee should be appointed after the nominations are received so that no nominees are on the committee.
  • The Review Committee consisting of the president (or designee) of the faculty association, three additional faculty members appointed by the Shared Governance committee, the Provost and one additional administrator, and two students selected from the Student Senate.
  • The Review Committee will make the final recommendations for the award to the President for approval.


The following are guidelines to be used in the nomination process. The nomination form should include specific examples of each of the following four criteria:

Teaching Strategies and materials. This can be demonstrated by the faculty member’s consistently excellent performance in the classroom; innovative approaches to teaching; improvements in instruction and curriculum; superior accomplishments in teaching; and/or clear, accurate, and rigorous presentations.

  • Content expertise and professional growth. This can be demonstrated by the faculty member’s command of the subject and knowledge of current developments in the subject.
  • Service to students, profession, institution, system. This can be demonstrated by improvements to the educational environment; work for the advancement of the department (division); communicating an enthusiasm for education; commitment to community college teaching and scholarship; service to North Hennepin Community College; support for open access and for helping students succeed; guiding and advising students; and/or advising a student activity or organization.
  • Standards for assessment of student learning and performance. This can be demonstrated by the faculty member’s ability to challenge students intellectually; encourage, motivate, and inspire student to do their best; and employ a rigorous, learning-focused evaluation.

*To enhance the nomination, please contact the department Dean for additional information. The strongest nominations will include input from faculty, staff, administration, students, and community members.


All Nominees will receive a letter from the President acknowledging their contributions and a copy of their nomination(s). Copies will also be provided to the faculty’s dean and placed in the faculty’s official personnel file.

The NHCC Award recipient(s) will:

  • receive a certificate acknowledging his/her accomplishment
  • be acknowledged on the NHCC Wall of Honor plaque
  • be recognized at the annual Employee Recognition Event
  • be published in the NHCC magazine and the President’s Letter.

The Board of Trustees Award Nominees will receive a framed certificate and pin. All will be invited to an awards event at which nominees and awardees are honored.

If they are chosen as a recipients of the Board of Trustees’ Award for Excellence in Teaching, each receive a $5,000 honorarium, certificate, specially designed medallion to be worn subsequently with regalia and a pin.