Medical Laboratory Technology Application

Below is important documentation that will help you to successfully apply for the Medical Laboratory Technology program. Be sure that you have completed your NHCC Admission Application process first and been fully admitted to NHCC prior to completing this application. Please print out and read the Essential Functions very carefully. For your convenience the Essential Functions document is available here as a PDF:

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Selection Criteria for Admission to the Medical Laboratory Technology Program

1.    ATI TEAS composite score will be divided by a factor of 10 (Example: Composite score of 72% = 7.2)

2.    Overall GPA of all college level courses OR overall high school GPA if no college level courses completed at the time of application. (Example 2.80)

 3.    The combined total ATI TEAS and GPA score will be utilized to rank applicants who meet the minimum requirements for order of acceptance (Example: 7.20+2.80 = 10.00 ranking score)

 4.   All applicants (regardless of preference for Day or Evening program) will be ranked. If a tie exists, the applicant with the highest ATI TEAS science sub-score will advance in rank order for acceptance. If a further tie exists, the applicant with the highest ATI TEAS math subscore will advance in rank order for acceptance.

 5.   Applicants will be accepted in order of rank from highest to lowest until the maximum capacity of the program has been filled.

*Acceptance of applicants who have not yet completed ENGL 1201 and/or MATH 1150 will be contingent on their successful completion of the courses with a grade of “C” or better prior to beginning MLT program courses.

Applicants must first meet all minimum requirements as follows:

Completion of the following courses with a minimum grade of “C” OR enrollment in the courses for spring or summer semester*:

ENGL1201    College Writing

MATH1150    College Algebra

Completion of a minimum of a full year of high school chemistry in the United States with a straight grade of “C” or a college-level Introduction to Chemistry (NHCC Chem 1010) with a straight grade of “C” or higher. Completion of Principles of Chemistry I (NHCC Chem 1061) is highly recommended.

Minimum ATI TEAS scores as follows:

Reading, 64

Math, 60

Science, 40

English, 52

Total Score, 60

Minimum overall GPA in college courses of 2.80. If no college courses completed at the time of application, a minimum overall high school GPA must be 2.80.



Timelines for Notification of Admission

  • Application and all required supporting documentation must be submitted prior to any application deadline, March 1st of each year.
  • Notification to applicants of accept, deny, or waitlist status will be sent via mail and email before April 1st.
  • Accepted applicants will respond to NHCC to accept or deny admission and specify their preference for Day or Evening section by mid-April.
  • Waitlisted applicants will be notified of if their status changes by the end of April.

Application questions can be directed to: or the Advising Center at 763-424-0703


Application requirements are subject to change.

This institution abides by the provisions of Title IX, federal legislation forbidding discrimination on the basis of sex and by all other federal laws regarding equal opportunity. This application is available in alternative formats for people with disabilities. For more information, call Access Services at 763-493-0555.

If you have been arrested, charged or convicted of any criminal offense, you should investigate the impact that the arrest, charge or conviction may have on your chances of employment or licensure in the field you intend to study or on your chances to obtain federal, state, or other higher education financial aid (by Minnesota Statute 135A. 157).

If the applicant refuses or is disqualified as a result of the background study, the applicant will be unable to successfully complete the requirements of the Medical Laboratory Technology Program. In addition, involuntary termination of previous employment from a healthcare facility may prohibit you from completing this program.  The background study is conducted by the Minnesota Department of Human Services and requires fingerprinting of all individuals.  The fingerprinting fee is $9.10. Fingerprinting locations are located throughout the state of Minnesota and a map will be provided as part of the application process.   


Essential Functions


* Upon completion of the Program requirements, the student should be able to:

  1. Utilize a microscope to identify cells, structures, and organisms.
  2. Perform phlebotomy procedures.
  3. Perform various pipetting techniques including:
    1. serological
    2. volumetric
    3. micropipettors
    4. repipettors
  4. Operate laboratory instruments and perform basic quality control and preventative maintenance on instruments.
  5. Perform specified laboratory procedures that require manual dexterity.
  6. Prepare blood films for clinical interpretation.
  7. Apply basic mathematical calculations to practical lab situations.
  8. Read, understand, and perform laboratory testing from written procedures.
  9. Distinguish color changes in cells and testing pads.

** Notification of Essential Functions **
The positions available in the field of medical laboratory technology may entail all or combinations of the following: physical, sensory, and environmental conditions.

KEY:    Rare = Less than once or twice a week
    Occasional = 0 - 2.5 hours per day
    Frequent = Total of 2.5 - 5.5 hours per day
    Constant = > 5.5 hours per day


  • Near Vision - Reading 20 inches or less – Constant
  • Reading of procedures
  • Digital printouts, etc.
  • Gradation on syringes and pipettes
  • Computer terminals
  • Depth Perception – Constant
  • Color Vision – Constant
  • Far Vision (>20 feet) – Occasional
  • Detail Perception – Frequent
  • Visual comparisons and discriminations
  • Slight differences in shapes and shadings of figures

Hearing and Verbal Communication

  • Direct communication - Frequent
  • Telephone communication - Occasional
  • Hear and locate timers/alarms - Occasional

Large Motor Skills

  • Standing - Frequent
  • Sitting - Frequent
  • Static Neck Position - Frequent
  • Walking - Occasional
  • Climbing Stairs - Occasional
  • Pushing/Pulling - Occasional
  • Stooping/Bending - Occasional
  • Reaching - Occasional

Small Motor/Manipulative Skills

  • Hand/Arm Control - Frequent
  • Fingering – Frequent
  • Fine Manipulation
  • Writing
  • Keying/Typing
  • Simple Grasping - Frequent


  • Lifting/carrying up to 10 pounds - Occasional

Computational Skills

  • Metric Conversions - Occasional
  • Algebraic Problem Solving - Occasional


  • Duration (Maintain Alertness) - Constant
  • Intensity (Maintain Concentration) - Constant

Memory Skills

  • Short Term Memory - Constant
  • Long Term Memory - Constant

Reasoning Skills

  • Transfer Knowledge - Frequent
  • Process Information - Frequent
  • Problem Solving - Frequent
  • Prioritize Tasks - Frequent
  • Evaluate Outcomes - Frequent
  • Comprehension - Frequent

Emotional Stability

  • Responsibility - Constant
  • Adaptability - Frequent
  • Accountability - Constant
  • Appropriate Response - Constant

Possible Exposure

  • Radiation – Rare (dependent upon type of procedures; may be zero)
  • Toxic/caustic chemicals – Rare (dependent upon type of procedures; may be zero)
  • Fumes/Odors – Rare (noxious smells from various types of body fluids/excretions)
  • Mutagenic/Carcinogenic materials – Rare (dependent upon type of procedures; may be zero)
  • Blood/Body Fluid Pathogens
  • Standard Precautions are incorporated into everything laboratory personnel do to eliminate    exposure.
  • Airborne Pathogens - Rare
  • Noise - Constant

Occupational Factors

  • Positions available in the field of medical laboratory technology may entail all or combinations of the following.
  • Appearance/Hygiene Policies
  • Possible Shift Work, depending on the position
  • Customer/Public Interactions
  • Working under specific instructions (no independent action or judgment)
  • Evaluating Performance of Others
  • Performing Multiple Tasks Concurrently
  • Working Alone or Apart, in Physical Isolation from Others
  • Working under Time Constraints
  • Team Work
  • Dealing with the Unexpected
  • Handling Stressful or Emotional Situations
  • Weighing and/or measuring
  • Directing, controlling or planning activities of others
  • Attaining precise set limits, tolerance and standards (precision)



Student Information

Example: aa1234bb


*All of the fields in this section are required.

Course Name Subj & No. Credit Amt (eg. 4) Course Location (eg. NHCC) Semester & Yr (eg. Fall 2018) Grade Received
Program Information

Essential Functions: Essential functions represent the essential nonacademic requirements of the program that a student must be able to master to become employable. Examples of this program’s essential functions are provided on pages 6-7. The National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Science, in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, requires us to define and publish essential functions. If you are not sure that you will be able to meet these essential functions, please consult with the Program Director at 763-488-0279 for further information and discuss your individual situation. If restrictions are necessary due to disability, reasonable accommodations will be made. To receive accommodations, the student must contact Disability Access Services at 763-493-0555 (V) or 763-493-0558 (TTY).

By checking this box I indicate that I have read and undertand the essential functions for the Medical Laboratory Technology Program. I believe I can perform these essential functions.

Please list the other colleges/institutions you have attended.

Previous Education

Education: Applicants must have official transcripts (in sealed envelope or via electronic PDF directly from the college) for ALL post-secondary institutions at which they were previously enrolled (even if they may not transfer or apply to the program), (including military, CLEP, and advanced placement) on file when they apply. Official transcripts must be sent to North Hennepin Community College with all grades posted and your current registration. International college credits must be evaluated course by course through World Education Services (, Educational Credential Evaluators ( or other international evaluator. If you have attended a Minnesota State college or university, evaluating your transcripts is an automatic step in the application processing, so you do not have to have those transcripts sent to NHCC. You must send official copies of all non-Minnesota State institutions’ transcripts, if you have not already done so, to NHCC Records & Registration Office for evaluation.

Program Preference
Program Preference

Program Preference: Please indicate which program format you would prefer from the following options. Day classes are scheduled between 8:30 am and 3 pm. Evening classes are scheduled between 4 pm and 9:30 pm.

I would prefer a position in the day program, but would accept either day or evening.
I would accept a position in the day program only.
I would prefer a position in the evening program, but would accept either day or evening.
I would accept a position in the evening program only.
Hear of Program

How did you hear about the MLT program at North Hennepin? Check all that apply. (This information will help identify which outreach promotions are most successful and identify potential new avenues. It will not factor in to the application rating scale.)

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  3. Select the gray Download button in the upper-right corner.
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Misrepresentation of application information is grounds for canceling your application. I certify the information I have provided on the application form and all other admission application material is complete, accurate, and true to the best of my knowledge.

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