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North Hennepin Community College
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 The mission of North Hennepin Community College (NHCC) is to create opportunities for students to reach their academic goals, succeed in their chosen professions, and make a difference in the world. The NHCC Suggestion Box is a way to communicate your ideas to individuals who will share the information with Administrators.

Thoughts, ideas, feedback, and suggestions are welcome. This Suggestion Box is open to all with the sole purpose of improving the quality of the NHCC experience and building a sense of community among staff, faculty, administrators, students, and community members. However, this Suggestion Box should not be used to file formal complaints. There are other mechanisms on-campus and on the NHCC website that serve this purpose. (If you would like to submit a concern related to Public Safety, please complete their anonymous form.) While you are free to remain anonymous while using this Suggestion Box, please understand that if there are any questions relating to the subject or content of your message, we will be unable to seek clarification without your contact information.

To provide accountability, a report will be sent out quarterly to the entire campus, providing updates as to what responses/actions have been taken to address any feedback provided here. If you would like to receive a response to your suggestion, please supply an email address; follow-up will occur within 48 hours of your initial submission. All suggestions or concerns will be reviewed daily by the Vice President of Student Success.


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